dealsbluetooth xl sound box - compare to jambox for…


Why oh why is everything sold as tech shown with that antique of a cell phone?


Our internet filter here at work is blocking this site as "online gambling." What the ? ? ? ?


I use my room mates JamBox regularly and I gotta say how much I enjoy it. The sound is not very loud and BlueTooth is kind of a limited interface, but the idea of a portable wireless speaker is awesome. I have no idea what this third party speaker is like, but at a quarter of the price its something to think about.


@rayray8822: Sorry about that...Not sure why you'd be getting warnings that this is a gambling site - we just sell things! We run our site through different filters periodically, and we haven't found anything like this before - do you know what service or filter you are using at work?


@justabandnerd: Let me guess, you're one of those "get an android" people.