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Anyone have an idea what the warranty period on these drives is? Newegg's page says 3 years. I find that hard to believe considering the new ones only carry 2 year warranties.


@cobracat03: Where do you see three years? I see 90 days:

Quick Info
Limited Warranty period (parts): 90 days
Limited Warranty period (labor): 90 days


@mastahanky: It's in the product overview down toward the bottom. I see the tab where you found the other now.


@mastahanky: 90 days = no thanks.

Seriously though, these drives work great... if they work out of the box. There seemed to be a high DOA rate, but the ones that survived the initial install seem to work great with little to no problems.


The Promo code WART139 does NOT work for Free Shipping.


If you check the other WD Green drives that are refurbs, they tend to have a high failure rate and difficulties with abysmally slow write speeds. Pass.


I love refurbs (in general), bought my last two TVs that way, just bought a Dyson vacuum that way, so it's not even a shelling out of coin for a refurb, but I just have never ever bought a refurbed hard drive...something about it being my data and a huge hassle when they fail, etc.
With that said though, it appears to be a good deal (as of recent history with hard drive prices anyway), so more power to you if you're brave enough to go for it!


@mlramos2003: it says "off warranty", so I would imagine that code is good for the extended warranty, although I claim no insider knowledge on whether or not that's true.


If you watch the deals, prices like this are starting to become more common. Often on non-refurbished 2TB drives. Sometimes, if you're lucky, on a faster RPM drive too. I believe that the WD "green" line is in the 5400 RPM range (give or take a few hundred).

It's not a bad deal, but slow RPM + refurbished, I think I'd wait.


So, what is the alternative ?

I have been waiting for the prices for HDD's to come down, and they have for the most part.

Want to get another Samsung 2TB.(new)bare drive but have read since Seagate took over their production, they are not as reliable as the pre-flood's.

Any ideas ?


Last week Newegg had a new Samsung 2TB for $99. I've also wondered if these drives are the same as the "pre-flood" drives. I've read some bad reviews of Seagate drives so I'd also be open to suggestions to what brand of hard drives are considered the best.


Great price but I personally avoid "Bare Drives" now. I've had about a 75% failure rate on these damn things after about a year. Buying "Retail" drives I've had no issue. Sure you have a warranty but your data is still effed.


Warning: these drives DO NOT WORK in Netgear ReadyNAS devices. I found this out the hard way last year and spent almost 12 months getting a working "compatible" model as a replacement for the array. I believe the successors to these WD20EARS and WD20EARX both work without issue. My array has been up and functional for almost 4 months now with 4 x WD20EARS.

That being said, I have the old "hot spare" WD20EADS installed in a tower at home and it has been ultra-quietly generating very little heat while humming along as a mirrored backup of a chunk of the NAS media library.


I bought a Samsung 2TB.bare drive, pre-flood from Newegg and got a 3 yr. warranty with it. Use it as a back-up system in an external enclosure.

Never had a problem with it.

Granted, now that Seagate has taken over I'm kinda wondering how it stands now, if something went wrong with it.

Looking to get another 1TB.+ HDD to put in another enclosure, to store extra programs and other stuff I don't use on a regular basis.

This way I won't clog up the 1TB. in the 'puter.


I bought a refurbished western digital hdd and to this day it's still running smoothly. I have it connected to a home media network so it's always on. and i bought it 2 years ago. ha so I'll be getting one of these. I may even get two. only because for some reason Western digital hdd are becoming more expensive. Probably cuz they're reliable. lol


@johnfbeas: You'll find bad reviews of every hard drive manufacturer; they all have bad runs. Seagate was an excellent choice for a long time, since they offered 5 year warranties (I think they're at 2-3 year now). I think the most important factor would be the "vintage" of the drive, rather than the manufacturer. For instance, most of my WD drives have run for 5-6 years before I retire them...except for the time I got 3 DOA drives in a row from a shipment at Fry's a few years ago. It depends on when the machines were last calibrated, how carefully the shipment was treated, etc etc.