dealsthe greatest video game music 2: london…


Thanks. I just bought it. I loved the first one, so this is going to be great.


You know what's crazy, I just clicked through the email link I got which sends you to iTunes store to buy this for 7.99, glad it's on more places for sale (and cheaper!)


Wow I thought this was going to be more expensive. First one was great. Probably better than the Video Games Live album because of the lack of random cheering. Some people like live albums, but I'm not one.

My only wish was that they also had the Chrono Cross theme.


No Dragon Warrior/Quest? Whadafock!


This collection makes me feel old and out of touch considering only one or two of my favorite classic themes are on here. =(

(I can't be the only one that would love to hear a few of Actraiser's themes done.)