dealsshark razor blades at shave like a man for $1.00


paypal? deal breaker for me if i was to buy


I ordered a safety razor from shave like a man awhile back with no issues.
Bought several different packs of blades to sample today, already shipped out with a tracking number.


@aavail: Yes, buying in bulk will always be cheaper. Can you find a better price for single packs?

I sell individual packs because it allows people to try out new brands of blades for a couple bucks instead of dropping $15 for a 100 pack only to find out after a couple shaves they are stuck with 98 blades they don't like.

Single packs allow you to try out lots of different blades for relatively cheap. Once you find a blade you want to stick with, then its time to stock up.

(If you really want to buy a sleave or two of a particular blade, shoot me an email and I can give you a quantity price. Depending on the brand, I can often beat even the mighty Amazon)


I have tried a great many varieties of DE blades. From the bottom of the barrel ( derby, Gillette, bic, lord) to the cheap but good (7am, astra platinum) to the great (Merkur, feather). These seem to fall in with the "cheap but good" on amazon, but I have yet to try them. Anyone out there shave with these regularly????


@keister: I have used these before and I would rank them alongside the others that you list in the cheap but good category.


@shavelikeaman: Have you considered offering a sampler pack? I didn't see one on the site.


@shavelikeaman: You do make valid arguments. Usually the suggestion is to buy a sampler pack to start with so that you can decide what blades to buy later in bulk. As per someone elses suggestion on here, a sampler pack from you would be good!


@keister: one blade will not be good for all people. Check out if you want more great info in DE shaving. Basing your blade choice off someone else's recommendation is not a good idea. Trry a bunch and choose which one you like best and buy it!


@keister: Can I ask what type of razor you use?

The reason I ask is, I find your ranks fasinating. Apart from Feather's my rankings would be almost completely opposite of yours, with a special "expensive but crap" rating for Merkur blades.

I guess it goes to show everyone's face is different.

@bowlingb: I actually have offered a sampler pack before. I got rid of it because it just felt redundant to me. I've always looked at my site as a kind of build-your-own variety pack. If there's interest, I could definitely put together another variety pack for all the wooters.