dealsdoctor who: the complete first series…


$19.99 at + $5 shipping = $24.99. Or get free shipping over $50 and $5 off $50 w/code WBAFF5.


I have been wanting to maybe get into Dr. Who but have seen absolutely none of it. Good place to start?

Edit: F it. I'm in plus pacifiers for the baby to get FSSS. Plus +1. Thanks OP!


@thebopster: It's free standard shipping on all DVDs/Blu-rays on . Just ordered this from there, total is $19.99


@kylemittskus: They have this show on netflix right now if that's an option for you. I like Christopher Eccleston (main character) as an actor, but I think that David Tennant (replaces Eccleston later in the show) is better suited for the part. I'm on season 3 right now and I enjoy it (there's a lot worse ways to pass the time away). If I had to sum it up, it's like a wacky Monty Python sci-fi adventure. Also be sure to check out Torchwood (a sort of a spin-off of this show).


Ordered this from WB on October 9, it still has not shipped.
But the order form say's "usually ships within 10 days" so they have a few more days.
I would rather pay a few dollars more to receive it in two days (prime member) then wait for a "your item has shipped" email.


@kylemittskus: Season 1 is kind of a hard place to start. The first season is lower production values than the rest. But for season 2 (my personal favorite season) to make sense you must watch season 1. I usually start people on season 5 (second fav season) and watch up to current. Then I pick up the previous seasons.


@isrousro: I ordered mine yesterday from Amazon (I'm a Prime Member.) I got the email this morning that it shipped and I'll get it tomorrow. Prime Members can also stream most seasons and most Specials for free.