dealshal 9000 life-size replica for $499.99 + free…


HAL 9000 in my own house? Great, another thing that won't do what I tell it to do.


The designer of this product seems to think a camera/mic/speaker from a HAL 9000 is the HAL 9000 itself. It is no more the HAL 9000 than your keyboard and monitor is your computer. A better representation of the HAL is when Dave is pulling chips from it's core. That room houses most of the HAL 9000.

It's the same as when I ask a customer over the phone what kind of computer they have. "It's a Viewsonic." "No. That's your monitor..."


Well, at least it would be easier to cool a mainframe in your house, rather than the poor radiation of a vacuum.
Seriously, who builds a server in space?


Believe it or not, it is currently out of stock. Who says the economy is struggling?


You know, for $500, it ought to have a better speaker inside. This HAL seems to be phoning it in from Moonbase Alpha.


@misry: I was going to say $500.00 for a 20' shipping container sized Super Computer is a great deal but they are only selling a replica of one of the remote optical & voice interfaces... Batteries, an LED behind a lens and prerecorded messages...

"Sorry Dave I can not let you watch TV tonight!"


In all fairness, it does include a nine volt battery so to quote Carl Spackler "I got that goin' for me, which is nice."