deals10% off orders of $50 or more, 15% off $75, or 20…


I've actually ordered from them before. A lot of there stuff is a bit overpriced. Once in awhile they have a good deal or a unique item.


Unfortunately for me, I can't justify taking getting $20 off my order when shipping it will cost $14. I've been using their tomato ladders (supports) for a few years now and would love to get more, but I'll hold out for a free shipping deal, even though I can get free shipping on $75+, but can't be combined with the discount.


Can anyone tell if this works in the stores? I just happen to live 5 miles away from this small company!


If you are 5 miles from this store, why would you not call them to ask instead of posting here??????
If it's a "small company" the likelihood of anyone here having the answer is much, much lower than the 100% certainty that a phone call to the source would get you!


@donslin: Since it is a small company, and is driven by the community, I assume the person who posted it is local and would get my comment. :D

Thanks for the help though!


Posting the question still just blows my mind! A phone call would take 30 seconds or so, maybe a minute---probably less time than typing the question took.
And there is only a 'chance' that the poster is local or that he/she would bother to come back to this thread, or that they would even know the answer.
And, if they did come back it may be hours whereas a phone call would have taken seconds and gotten you an answer immediately that was certain to be accurate!
Maybe I am just too practical and self-reliant to understand the sense in asking someone something that you could find out with 100% certainty with such a minute amount of effort in so short of a time. To me, it is just ludicrous and makes no sense at all.


1. I called them this past weekend and would rather drive there than call back.
2. You spent the time to complain, I simply asked a question.
3. Woot has email notifications. Plus, who doesn't float their own boat by checking in on things they post?
4. I have plenty of time and really I don't mind if I get a response.
5. I could not care less what you think.