dealsghd 2-inch professional hair iron (new) for $89…

vote-for2vote-against this brand any good? Consequently, my straightener just died after seven years of providing frizz relief, but, this one is rather pricey, so I want to make sure it's worth it before I commit...


I jumped on this deal... it seems decent..... and has positive reviews


Seems legit. Shame I bought one of the Baby Bliss [sic] units that the wife never uses anyway.

Here is someone's eBay guide to spotting fake GHD stylers.
(I guess fake straighteners are all the rage in the supplier channel?)

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@j5: Hmm, interesting. Who knew? Based on the price, I guess I would be more concerned if for not Woot/Amazon being the entity selling it. But definitely something to check out when it arrives.