deals40 - 4x6 prints for $0.00


40 free prints with code good thru Tuesday Nov 1. Taxes, and shipping extra.


Just ordered mine for pickup at local store. Total cost with tax... $0.00! Thanks.


I split up a really large photo into an array of 35 photos, and then I'm gonna piece it together. But you have to order EXACTLY 40, so I added 5 others.


@hhbhagat: I did that with a screenshot from the movie Dune one time. Be warned, the cropping isn't perfect so you could lose some details.


@hhbhagat: Be careful when trying to fit photos together from Walgreens. I have had problems with them cropping or fitting (depending on original aspect ratios) their prints to fit their photo paper.


@djwebster: Don't worry. I used a Photoshop action in batch mode to resize every piece to exactly 4x6.


that is an awesome way to get a nice image with your 40 free prints, I'm always skipping on these because I don't have the time to work on finding images. Thanks for sharing @djwebster


Thanks for the heads up! Ordering vaca photos now :-)