dealsthe wire-complete series dvd set for $56.94…


Game's the same, just got more fierce.


The problem is Frankie we don't make (profanity) anymore. We just keep reaching into the other guys pockets.


should we be concerned about the 1 review that says the quality is horrible?


My boyfriend got this set (through amazon). The main problem is that the DVDs come in sleeves and the general quality of the packaging sucks, so it's really easy to scratch the discs. We had two DVDs from season 3 that were unplayable - and unless you're going to have a Wire marathon, there's no way you'll get through all the discs before the return period has ended. (And even if you do, you have to return the whole thing - and re-watch them all to see if there are any problems...)

That said, this is a really good price for the series...