dealsmicrosoft xbox live 12 month gold membership card…


Finally I got one. I've been trying to get this price for weeks!


That's a very good price. In for 1.


Still working at 12:40pm est


Just bought one for my son as a belated Christmas present. Called him and it was timed just right because his membership ends in January yeah!
Thanks for posting it. =)


Bought one from newegg through ebay its not code through email. It took 2 weeks through Fedex. Still cheap


Ironically, I just purchased a year through Microsoft at 59.99 yesterday.... Oh well, now we'll have 2 years with this one added! Still available at 8:16pm Central time zone.


@lumpthar: It was hard not to buy 5 at this price. I wonder if Microsoft raised the price to $60 just to increase demand for it at ~$40. Perceived savings FTW!