dealsvibram fivefingers treksport womens closeout…


Thanks for the coupon! I'm one who loves them. But, since I already have mumble, mumble pairs, I'll pass on this sale. Will send the link/code to other five-fingers lovers.


@gmwhit: Same here, I've got 20 pairs, and want more, but I just can't justify them right now.


@mrmucox: Sigh of relief - You have more pairs than I do! I see you have the 'lace ups'; do you like them? Haven't seen them on sale, so don't have any yet. Do have a 3 pairs of the kangaroo skin (2-Performa's & 1-Performa Jane). Heaven to wear. Indoors, of course. (I'm lying; have worn them outside...just very careful where I walk.)


@gmwhit: The Speed are by far my favorite casual shoe. They are actually on sale right now:

Oh, and I have gone short distances outside in my Moc's too!