dealssmooth fitness 3.0ds elliptical with dual color…


[EDIT!! I see you guys copied this data from Or maybe you both got it from somewhere else. But it differs from the Smooth Fitness website. They show the stride as fixed.] This lists "Power Adjustible [sic] Stride" as a feature. Does that mean that it's got a variable stride length? If so, are they electronically or manually set? And does anyone know the shortest and longest possible stride lengths?

Lastly, any word on max height off the floor of foot pedals? We've only got 8'6" ceilings upstairs, and some ellipticals are just too tall!


My feet sure do get an awful case of numbness whenever I use an elliptical.


power adjustable stride should mean tension on the stride itself. not the length of it. it doesn't look like there is any way to make it have a longer stride. reading the description i would not think this has a adjustable stide at all, but an electonic resistance yes.


No close ups of the demonstrator? :(


The stride on this for a shorter person, like the model shown, is fine. If you are much over 6 feet tall, the stride on this machine is short and awkward and doesn't allow a full range of leg motion for optimal exercise. This is hard to appreciate from a picture alone but more than obvious when it is up and running.


@bigred85: Yes, she is fine.



$5 to ship this....thats a deal haha


Just too expensive for something that could wind up unused. I just run in place in a vat of pudding so that, should my routine fail... Pudding!