dealscrazy cat lady action figure for $8.99


It's cheaper on Amazon. Only by a couple dimes with shipping, but I trust Amazon not to put me on any crazy mailing lists that cannot be easily reversed.


i'm waiting for the cat expansion pack to come out for my action figure. plus i'm saving up for the minivan transporter with built-in kennels


@doc362: Nice find, but I've been buying from this site almost as long as I've been buying from Woot and I've never been placed on any mailing lists, so that shouldn't be a concern.


@w00tgurl: LOL! As I was trying to respond to your comment my rescue kitty kept trying to eat my fingers as she thought I was tap tap tapping them for HER entertainment.

In other words, I relate and should display my Cat Lady figure prominently. (Although I'm down to only one cat now.)