deals36-roll tape refill kit -€ for $4.99 + free…


Use code NEW10 for 10% off, and if that doesn't work, use LOYAL5 or DEC5OFF for 5% off total purchase. Not much, but it's still a savings!


Quite a bit of tape for 4 bux--if it's good & sticky & stays stuck.


Loyal5 worked but NEW 10 did not.


@dragonpern: I had the same experience. Funny. The New10 code just came to me in an email from them yesterday. Ah, well. It's so cheap it really doesn't matter.


Me too. I used Dec5off and that worked. Even though it's only a quarter it always makes you feel good and like you got a little better bargain : )

I sell on ebay and this tape will make some of the packages I send out look a little extra special.


In for four, so the Loyal5 coupon saved me a buck. Thanks!


@mrgrogg: Four?! Wow! I might have to invite you to my next "Hoarders Anonymous" meeting!


@geethatsgr8: From now on, I'll stall ordering a deal until there are some comments. Could have saved a bit of $.