dealssilent hill hd collection for ps3 for $18.99…


I haven't played this collection, but I hear it is riddled with bugs and odd "enhancements."

Whether or not that is true, I came here to plug Silent Hill 2, which is part of this collection and is absolutely essential gaming. Among the scariest, most unsettling experiences I have ever had, SH2 is a masterpiece and one of the few mainstream games reaching the status of art. If you are at all into horror, give it a shot.


Silent Hill 2 is by far one of the best games I've ever played... or at least spectated. I swear, DualShock controllers have ruined me when it comes to horror games. I'm a huge Silent Hill franchise fan. Buying this, even though it may never actually get played...


I just wish the first Silent Hill was in this (preferably with remastered graphics).