dealscaffeinated hot cocoa mix for $4.99


It's sad I am more excited for there being pumpkin spice flavor than it being caffeinated.


@virtualathlete: i'm looking forward to the french vanilla...oh boy!


Only pumpkin left...and I suspect shipping will likely be more than the product.


For those wondering, this has 10% more caffiene than starbuck's coffee, and 70% more than dunkin donuts (by volume).

This is according to the 'Center for Science in the Public Interest':


Cheapest shipping is $5.39 to Chicago for 1 bag... It only increased to $5.89 with 2 bags and $6.19 with 3 bags so the more you buy the better the deal!

Alas, if only I liked pumpkin spice enough to drink it every day for the rest of my life -- Shipping for 50 bags is only $18.09!! That's only 36 cents a bag ;)


does anyone know where the cocao beans come from in this product. I recently discovered that most chocolate is derived from cocao that comes from child slaves on the ivory coast (wikipedia has a bunch of stuff about it). There are however products which contain no child slave derived cocao. Thanks for the info.