dealsugg classic short - free shipping for $140.00


Try the Costco Kirkland brand shearling boots. UGGs for under $40. I have friends that wear a lot of UGGs and they have switched to these (apparently they are identical...unlike other off-brands).


@glindagw - my take on it, is that most people wear UGGs because of the brand... so despite how good they may be, I don't think the Kirkland brand will suffice.


I agree on the ugly comment. I can't stand seeing women wear these.

Please go out of style soon!!


I really hate this style of boot, too. Not to mention there is no ankle support in these. They were meant to be house slippers not all day wear. But on another note, my 2 year old daughter has a pair of Airwalk boots in this style that she loves because she can get them on and off herself.