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Does anyone know if the trilogy completes this series, or am I going to buy this, only for there to be a new movie out in a couple years.


In the description it says region code 2 which is Europe so I'd be careful ordering this if your in us


@zippy the pinhead: Total with shipping is $22.66 as listed in the description. Breakdown in my cart: 10.81 GBP + 3.08 GBP = 13.89 GBP, converting to $22.66. Standard shipping to US estimated at 6-10 business days.

@tostrander: I've ordered many Blurays from the Amazon UK site and all play perfectly in US players. Blurays are not near the region-specific nightmare that DVDs are. Also, the title on this item on Amazon specifically reads: [Region Free].

@jeffrjohn: I wish I could tell you. I've never seen any of the Bourne movies, but I figure at this price, I'll take a chance and check them out. The individual prices per Blue Ray on Amazon US is $13 and change per movie.

This seems to be a very good deal for Bourne fans. The price for this version of the trilogy on Amazon's US site is $38.50.

[Edit] @blackbeardsdelight is correct about a new Bourne movie coming out in August per IMDB. At this rate, Bourne could be another Bond-like franchise with no end in site :-P)


There's a new movie coming out in August called The Bourne Legacy starring Jeremy Renner.


Jumped on this last night when I saw it. Looks like it was cheaper - about $17 and change - 6 or 7 months ago, but that was then, and now, $22 and change still sounds pretty good to me for 3 Blu-Rays! Don't really care about The Bourne Legacy, because they're doing that without Matt Damon, so to me that seems like the start of something new, and this is a complete set. Thanks for sharing the deal!


Confirming @flyswatter's numbers. $22.67 includes package and standard shipping to U.S. Never saw these movies before; looking forward to it!