dealsdogpedic sleep system - memory foam medium bed…


this is great! now I'll have someplace to sleep when the dog takes over my bed.


If your dog needs a sleep system... it's a cat.


"As a BONUS, we include a waterproof liner that protects against stains, odors, and allergens."

The biggest allergen it protects against? Dog.


@jeremytheindian: Obviously, you've never owned a beagle....


@dufus2506: I have a pug/beagle mix. He's sprawls out on the carpet and loves it. But, to be fair he refuses to lay on hardwoods. He'll curl up tight on a kitchen mat when he hangs out with us while we cook.


Too small for a big dog. Too bad. My 10yr old lab could really use this for his ol' bones. I know my Temperpedic sure took all the shoulder/back pain my g/f was having once I bought it. This would totally be worth it, if it were bigger.


you could buy a twin memory foam topper for 19.99 at target, fold it in half 1 or 2 times and stuff it in a dog bed cover.

here ya go 19.99

fold it in half and put a dog bed or comforter cover over it and BAM, works like a charm


The photo of the basset hound sold me, in for 2 for our 2 old bassets, I am sure their backs will appreciate it :)


This is a must-have for the husband who often gets relegated to the doghouse. You may as well be comfortable for as long as you're in there!