dealsresident evil 6 - ps3 / xbox for $19.99 + freeā€¦


there is a reason its this cheap. beware...



Game isn't that bad; It's better then RE 5, and Better then the previous release, Operation: Raccoon City
For $20, you''re sure to get your money's worth. Even if it's a 1-2 Weekend play


@swader: Not better than RE5, if you don't have 90 minutes to complete a mission. The wife and I like to play during the baby's naps. You can't do that with RE6. You CAN with RE5. And don't bother mentioning the autosave. You lose at least 15 minutes with that, unless you're lucky.


Amazon has already price matched $19.99 (free shipping with prime membership)


@swader: there are worse games, and I never explicitly said it wasnt worth that price, but, there is a reason the price is already so low. And as lawjr3 said, its definitely not better than RE5 (although that wasnt the best game around, either). RE6 has LOADS of potential but it fell flat on its face unfortunately :(


Am I the only person that loved RE5?