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As far as I can tell, the only difference between this refurb $89 BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard and the $69 standard Blackwidow keyboard available brand new at NewEgg is that this "ultimate" edition includes a USB passthrough port and audio passthrough ports (you still need to plug the keyboard audio cables into your sound card ports, then you'll have local jacks at the keyboard you can plug your headphones/mic into).

Am I missing something else? It's a good price for this keyboard, Newegg sells it for $114 (not a refurb), but is the extra money for the Ultimate keyboard worth it?


@videowallart: What's the "Yikes"? Are you getting an error or is that a comment on the product?


I actually own this keyboard just for use in typing (I use a Merc Stealth for gaming since it has the large keypad for people with huge hands) and I love typing on it. It has the audible mechanical switches so you can actually hear yourself messing up. Mine even survived a bottle of water spilling on it; just had to let it dry.

tl;dr - If you do a lot of typing you will love this keyboard.


Don't get this here, I got mine on Amazon for the same price BRAND NEW not refurbished.

On other news, this keyboard is amazing, the keys are a tiny bit spaced weirdly but you get used to taht in a week. Coding and typing in general sounds great with this baby.


I'm concerned the LEDs will be too bright. My current keyboard has electrical partially blocking some of the indicators to cut down on brightness, but this thing looks like it has LEDs everywhere.


@rlw999: Well, one difference that's pretty obvious to me is that, on the standard Blackwidow, there is no backlight. That's a pretty big difference if you ask me.


@rlw999: You're missing that the standard model does not have a backlight.

@joshualan: The keys are exactly the same sized spacing as any other keyboard. I'm not sure what keyboard you're actually trying to describe.


Pretty much stopped buying Razer with how hit or miss their products are these days.


I've owned about 3 or 4 Razer products and I can truthfully say they're the most reliable computer gaming peripherals in the market since they do mean word for word on their warranties. I would most like pick one of these up if I had the money to burn. My friend has the regular edition (no LED light) and he loves it, I loved typing and gaming with it, and long story short, it can really bruise a foot.

If you want durability, reliability, and a company that sticks to their words, I highly recommend this.


true.dat @captain_steve

Best damn mechanical keyboard I've ever used, hands down. (pun intended)


I bought the standard version when my IBM Model M's(1984) space-bar stopped working. Love this keyboard, but I'm curious if it will last 18yrs like the Model M.