deals3 pack of jacks links original beef steak tender…


Great find! Same brand, one 3.5 oz pkg. is currently selling for $6.49 at Walgreens


Do you know how much this is a pound? It's like over 16.00 a pound!! Make your own; it's so easy!


@techystuff: I disagree with your logic.

The jerky itself is approximately $16.00 ($16.41 assuming 16 oz. in a pound). Usually when you make beef jerky from wet/fresh meat, you end up losing approximately 60% of the weight to evaporation. If you're only left with 40% of the original weight, the price of the jerky per pound before dehydration/smoking is about $6.40. $6.40 per pound is pretty competitive for most good cuts of meat and by buying the jerky, there's way less effort/mess/cleanup. To each their own though.


@techystuff: $16/pound for finished jerky isn't bad, although I've never tried this stuff. When I make it at home, I figure 3 pounds of meat results in just over 1 pound of jerky.


Ever since I tried Costco's Kirkland steak strips, Ihaven't looked back. No beef jerky is good enough anymore. They sell it for like 8.50 for 12 oz, though steak strips tend to have more moisture. Still, DELICIOUS.


@fat50strat: Ooooh! Our first Costco is scheduled to open in about a month. I will be sure to look for that!


Is there a way to find out what the expiration or best by date is for this item?


Personally, I dislike Jack Links.

I live close to Minong, where they are located. Every store has a large selection of their meats and I have always been a fan of Jerky. But what they make just doesn't taste like jerky to me.

Jerky to me is dried meat, Jack Links seems to put a glaze over all their jerky which to me just ruins it.

Maybe I am just picky.


Jack Links used to make about 80% of all US private label jerky. If that is still the case your Costco brand may have come from the same plant. Also, when checking out packed jerky look if it has MSG. As I recall about all JL product is coated with MSG to minimize spoilage and maximize taste.