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Wow, is this a mistake? My kids have been asking for this and I've resisted because of the potential money pit it can be. But, I did successfully order the PS3 version without any issues. I guess time will tell.


It's not a mistake. Walmart had an early bird special today. I picked up battlefield 4 and GTA 5 for 18 bucks also this morning. One of the best deals I've seen. I can trade in those games for more than I bought them haha :D


My wife was able to get this price matched at Toys R Us.

Awesome deal!


Well.....just received an email that my order was cancelled due to "customer remorse." Good old Walmart....


I had ordered 6 games to be picked up at my local walmart but they refused to honor the online price, due to the glitch in the system. I spoke to the supervisor and manager in the store but they said it was simply a mistake and offered a refund. I tried to customer service but the phone system is down!


@iamthestig: Yeah, pretty much the same here. I even received the confirmation that it was ready for pickup. Then I got the cancellation email right before I was leaving for lunch to pick it up.

I did manage to get through to Walmart's customer service and talked to 4 or 5 different people. They are ABSOLUTELY NOT honoring any of these prices. I tried everything.


I picked up my Diablo 3 order earlier. Not too shabby!


So, what everyone is saying is... this deal is dead in the water?


Wrong price and outta stock..why is this still here?


It looks like if you were lucky enough and ordered to pick up in store, you got it. If you ordered it to be shipped, your ordered got cancelled, but they did send out a email for a $10 e-card for the inconvenience. I ended up getting mine for 360, the online one for PS3 got cancelled, but it says within 5 days I'll get another email with a gift card code.


It wasn't a special, it was a massive pricing glitch. I was following it all morning and some of it was crazy. They had 100-300$ monitors all priced at 8$, 700$ exercise machines priced at 30$, and 2000$ tvs priced from 200-300$. Out of all the stuff I ordered all that I was able to actually pick up were diablo 3 and one of these infinity sets. I was a little disappointed, but at least I got something out of it. Apparently some people were actually able to pick up the flat screens before walmart fully reacted to the situation. I guess sometimes it pays to be browsing sale sites at 3 in the morning...


Learned my lesson on these games with Skylander. Bought a bunch of them and the kids really liked the first game, then they beat the second one within a month and were bored of it. Now we have all these Skylanders and not much replayability with the game.