dealsfree wooden twig sling shot for $0.00


With $4.99 shipping, it's not really free is it?


@cengland0: Yes, it's free. Tortuous logic, but the product is free.


@magic cave:

It's a tactic many companies use to lure you into buying a cheap product and then inflating the shipping costs to make up the difference.

One benefit the company has doing this is if you request a refund, they give you the amount you paid for the product less s/h. So you get zero back if the product is defective.

How many TV commercials do you see where you get a product for a low price -- but wait -- order in the next 15 minutes and we will send you a second one absolutely free. Just pay separate shipping and handling.


@cengland0: It's a free slingshot that comes in a $5 box.


@cengland0: You needn't go into quite so much explication; I'm totally familiar with the rather seedy tactic. My was, and is, that under the terms of the ad, the slingshots themselves are free.

It's the same sleaze that a lot of eBay sellers used to use, since naive or gullible buyers would insist that the only thing that mattered was the total price, completely ignoring the impact that would have (as you noted) on any attempt to return merchandise.