dealszenni optical - eyeglasses, buy one get one rules…


Oh dear mods, if you are kind enough to edit this. I linked to the rules page because no other page reflected the BOGO sale on the header. Also the image is all wrong and I didn't know what to put as far as price goes.

Eye know I made a sloppy post and eye should feel bad


To sum this deal up:

You get the cheaper frame free. Everything else is full-price. So, yeah, you can get a free pair of glasses as long as you don't want antireflective coating or anything but 1.50/1.57 lenses. Also, only a pair of glasses that meets their $12.95 minimum-for-this-deal price gets the frame-only discount.

For me, not a good deal. I need polycarbonate lenses and antireflective coatings, so by the time I add everything up I'm only saving $7-$13 and I'm still pushing $100 for my order while buying cheap frames. Shame, too, as I'm quite happy with my last pair from Zenni, other than the fact that my cats chewed one of my polycarbonate lenses and managed to punch divots into it with their teeth.

On the other hand, where else but Zenni can you get "memory titanium" super-flexible frames for $13-$20? So, a recommend simply because Zenni does awesome work. Much better than Goggles4u.