dealsportal 2: pc: video games for $29.99 + freeā€¦


Or someone with a PS3 could purchase that version for 5 dollars more and have the PS3 and the PC version...once PSN is back up anyway.


Portal is a SCAM! It's not really on the discs, you have to get an account on Steam then download the 10Gb game! I don't have broadband and can never download anything that large! If you don't have highspeed broadband with no caps stay away.


@stevec5000: Welcome to the internet. Glad you could join us.
This has almost always been how valve games are.

And how does this make it a scam? You get the game, you download the game, you play the game. Pretty sure thats not a scam.


@stevec5000: That sucks, but it isn't a scam of any sort. It clearly indicates on the box an internet connection is required.