dealstactical airsoft pistols: buy one, get one free…


in for 600. got a 6-yr old's bday party coming up, these should make great party favors


Note: This item cannot ship to NY,CA,MA


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Great deal. Other airsofts are expensive. Will not be electric , I'm sure it is a mechanical cocking mechanism, but price is right. see airsoft website for comparison.


gah, can't even ship bb guns to cali any more. asshats in sacramento....


Initially, it seemed like a pretty good deal. It still might be, for the price, but I'm going to pass on it.

It's slide back (cock) -> fire. Every round. Cock, fire. Cock, fire.

Way too much of a PITA for me personally for an Airsoft gun.


These are cheap fun airsoft type guns with lasers, they are not $200 guns. they are toys for kids that won't put an eye out. a great first airsoft for a little kid, at a fine price


@videowallart: Actually they will quite easily put an eye out. I've gotten welts on my back through a decently heavy sweatshirt after being shot with one of these. An unprotected eye has no chance at all. 220fps is no joke.


Even though they seem mostly harmless, this seems like a misstep sponsorship-wise so soon after the Colorado shootings.


Saw these for $3 a piece at the Flea Market yesterday...


From their demo video, "These smaller style sliding-action guns need to be slid back COMPLETELY before firing in order to reduce their tendency to misfire."

The pessimistic interpretation of that is "This gun misfires frequently. If you complain about it, we're going to tell you that you're not cocking it right."

The other thing that concerns me here is they're saying this is a great way to get introduced to airsoft games, but they're not providing the most important thing, goggles. Putting on goggles and going out to WATCH people play would be a safer way to get introduced to the game. Unfortunately, the goggles will cost more than the guns. I don't think this is encouraging people to play safe. A better deal would be to sell this as a $30-35 set of two guns and two basic goggles. If you're going to get these, at least go buy a cheap pair of chem goggles! NEVER play airsoft without eye protection.

Also the price is already discounted, adding the promo code has no effect?


@videowallart: Just due to the laser alone these are not safe for kids. Lasers burn retinas.


@videowallart: Even target practice requires eye protection. Look at these clowns trying to do target practice on an IRON target with a 50 cal. (I assume they're trying to see if it will penetrate, so the target is probably presenting a flat profile) He got the ear protection knocked clean off his head by a ricochet. Pellets WILL bounce back in your direction if they hit right. An airsoft pellet has about the force of a strongly thrown pencil, surely you understand that's an eye danger?


@kamikazeken: dont buy them from there, go to or something else, they sell the same guns for about 2 dollars each.


Holy (profanity), Kamikazen, you're right: Comes out to $14.20 with shipping (for me in Maryland). Although shipping was about the same when I added 5 more guns:


The gun in your link to only shoots at 110fps. This gun advertises 220fps.


You can find these on ebay anywhere for a crapton cheaper... How is this even upvoted so much?


Spring-powered airsoft guns are awful. Don't bother with these, you'll be getting exactly what you pay for - a couple of $5 toys.


@charcustom: All the airsoft guns sold in the local stores here are spring powered. What others are you talking about? Electric or compressed gas I assume? I'm a paintball player so I'm familiar with compressed gas systems. I assume those would be much more expensive. (old school player, I have a Nelspot 007, Trracer, and Vector, love playing with the nelspot! these pistols should play the same)