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Be aware that even though these movies are on blu-ray discs, they still insist on putting each movie on two discs. This means halfway through the movie you will be prompted to put a second disc to watch the rest.

I was very disappointed in this. It isn't necessary. The movies could have easily fit on one blu-ray disc each. I believe they did this because the DVD versions of the extended editions were split into two discs and they just transferred that version directly to blu-ray.


@ldrodokc: (From A. Dent, a reviewer on Amazon): Most Blu-ray players can only read single layer (25GB) and dual layer discs (50GB). Each of the Extended Edition movies require more than 50GB. Compressing them to 'under 50GB' would have degraded the quality of the picture and sound track.

While I would have thought that they could fit the movies on one disc, it turns out they can't. They would have had to sacrifice picture and sound quality to do so. With that said, the breaking points are very well placed.


@maestag: Very True and well said. One thing you don't want your blu-ray to due is be compressed.