dealsmini dress in floral/animal print for $19.99…


Did you forget the pre-emptive 'dress-sexy' tag, or are the mods just going overboard again?


The mods have struck again, and why?

I don't know if they did this on purpose but I discovered that when I make the tag #dress-sexy the deal can still be on the Popular tab but it will not appear on the other WOOT properties. I was laboring under the delusion that this was the problem with these types of ridiculously scandalous deals (insert sarcasm font here) the people shopping on Kids.Woot would not be offended by pretty girls in short dresses.

So now I return to my theory of the mod with a personal vendetta because sometimes these deals are left alone and sometimes they are deleted.


@ohcheri: Well, heaven forbid some precious snowflake see too much leg! They could be scarred for life! /s