dealstungsten rings for men sale for $14.99 + freeā€¦


They also have a deal on Ceramic Rings for those of you that are interested:

I am really tempted to get a new one -- My current one has a few chips in it from wearing it while laying stone :(

do people really buy the LOTR ring? and wear it? I can see it as a "wow, this is cool!" kind-of-thing and once that wore off, it would be sorta' embarrassing


sounds like a great deal but i have no idea what my ring size is :(


Tungsten is nice, but brittle. Personally, of the alternative metal rings I prefer cobalt. As inexpensive as tungsten, but doesn't have the dark tint(looks more like white gold).


@d33flat: get a ring sizing kit online. many online jewelers offer them for free. search for one on google or deals.woot: also, always has good deals on rings, so check it out again when you get your ring sizer


@d33flat: Here's a link to a print-out ring sizer from Overstock.

I've used it before and it's correct.


Has anyone purchased any of these rings? Are they good quality?


Where is the one ring!!
I see it in the picture at the top of their ring page but no where in the listings.... what a way to get me to click


@pt14: I did the same thing. False advertisement.