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Ooooh the importance of removable plates... Usually, the ones with removable plates are far more expensive than the ones without- but it's so worth it. Although the one I have is decent, cleaning it is the WORST.
At $35, this is a total steal.


We have a Griddler (bought from Woot, of course!), which is very similar to this grill. The removable plates are the best feature since we just dump them into the dishwasher to clean them. Our old George Foreman grill was just about impossible to clean.

These make the best burgers short of a charcoal grill with no effort. Cooking both sides at once, grill marked, etc. Oh, and grilled cheese sandwiches.


Anyone know if you can ship to a different address than your billing address? I don't see this as an option. I don't want to confirm an order and have it shipped to the wrong place.


@jaynacey I just bought one and was thinking the same thing. Fortunately, my billing and shipping are the same. But I was thinking the address they ask could be just for shipping and since I used a debit card instead of credit they didn't ask for a billing address... so maybe you used a debit card too?