dealsthe christopher reeve superman collection…


Looking forward to the new movie, but Christopher Reeve is and will always be Superman in my mind. RIP, sir.


Still showing for $12.98 (+ $2.98 for shipping).

Amazon is selling direct for $20.75.


If you don't care about the special edition content, the "Four Film Favorites" version is usually available for around $10. Slightly less if you get it used.


Superman IV was like watching Batman and robin. (The fourth movie in the series)....((excluding the 1960's movie)).
4 means death in Japanese and therefore is an unlucky number.
Also, the fourth underworld movie was not so great.
Indiana Jones 4.
Ok, so startrek 4 was good.
Starwars does not count cause it was made out of order....(I was not a fan of episode 1, the fourth movie. - but that's just me)
Die hard 4 was also good.
Terminator 4....Good and also Bad.
The last producer of X-men was smart and did a prequel for it's fourth.
No complaints on American Reunion.
Pirates 4....Not the same fun...But give Disney credit, they started off on an entire new story arc.

Anyone with knowledge of good and bad fourth films?


Mission Impossible 4 Rocked.


Donnor cut or just Commentary?


Note that these are DVD's not BluRays. Considering the age of the films this isnt a big deal but this was not obvious by the description.