dealsapple macbook 13.3" laptop for $499.99


I can't believe someone would pay $500 for one of can get a brand spanking new PC with WAY more power/features for this price...really need mac? There's ways to virtualize it now-a-days via Virtual Box and some nerdy help. Google it. Thumbs down for a terrible deal.


@kvellano: Because a three year old mac is still a better experience than a brand new PC.


@gthing: Ha!! You make me laugh. Love to see this thing even TRY to play LFD2 or anything remotely fun...oh wait, Steam for Mac BLOWS! Not too mention everything about this is outdated. 2GB DDR2 ram is barely capable of running 10.6 smoothly, crappy intel graphics chipset won't handle 10.7 well, and 3 year old 120GB seagate/hitachi HD will crash on you in a 1-2 years, and Firewire 400? What's that again? Oh right, outdated. Try again gthing...


@gthing: yes because being locked into the most "user friendly" and locked down OS ever is something I would go out of my way to pay to be a part of. That and in two years time if I decide to upgrade I won't be able to (unless I can find the parts, but then again whats my liver and left kidney worth to you?) but you can bet your ass the new crapbook pro mini deluxe will be available, and be about as useless as a limp noodle at an orgy.


I've had a similar model since late 2006, and with a bit of RAM upgrading, the thing still works. I've found Macs to be much more reliable and long-lasting than PCs I've owned.

However, to spend $500 on one at this point... I don't think even I would do that. My dual-core Macbook still works, but is definitely limited in terms of gaming or even running flash.


Setting aside this whole mine-is-bigger-than-yours nerdfight thing, this isn't that great of a deal just based on the fact that you can find this model around this price regularly elsewhere. Heck, if you don't mind some scratches, Cowboom has these pre-owned for about a hundred bucks cheaper. (In fact, right now, they're showing refurbs for $295 here:


@whyaylooh: Well said.

Most people who tihs on Macs have never owned one.


@coondogg97: I've owned several Macs, but I prefer PC. I'm talking from experience here, this is not worth $500.


@kvellano: You are correct, this particular post is not a deal.

But after fighting with a printer yesterday for three hours I am not a big Windows fan right now. Two identical computers purchased at the same exact time. Print drivers installed on one XP client perfectly fine the other client the installer kept crashing. After two hours of troubleshooting I called HP and their suggestion was re-imaging the machine. They had seen the issue many times and it had to do with Microsoft's .NET Framework and the only way to get around it was to roll the PC all the way back and start all over with Windows updates, or reformat the machine....AWESOME!!!!

Never had that kind of experience on a MAC. That being said six computers in my house are PCs, one is a Macbook Pro.