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I have one, paid about the same for a referb from newegg last year. Looked and smelled brand new though.

It's built like every other Harmony remote I've had.
It feels good.
It is well made.
It's easy to program both from the website and manually.

What's different: It isn't a traditional 'single touch' harmony remote. It's a standard universal remote + Harmony programming. If you want to watch a DVD: 1) you use the remote to turn on the TV 2) use the remote to change to the desired input 3) use the remote select the DVD player 4) use the remote to turn on your dvd player.

Bottom line: I would recommend it for a bedroom/kids room/kitchen/etc. It's purpose is for replacing several remotes that you many not use often. I like it and would buy one again.

This is opposed to my living room harmony which is a 650 which you will find for $40 at Thanksgiving. One button turns on my TV,cable box,receiver and change my inputs accordingly. Same for turning everything off.


It is 5 dollar shipping and not flat rate. So it comes out to 20.85 per remote. You can get one for 17.99 with free shipping from new egg right now. Great remote if you don't mind internet setup. A lot more brands and models than any other cheap universal.


@erockem: Thanks for telling people this. I have a "single touch" Harmony and love it. Certainly wouldn't want people to think that's what they are getting with this.

I'm sure it's a great universal remote, but if you shop around (especially in a few weeks) you can get a "real" Harmony you know you want :-)


Thanks for the info folks. I was close to buying one, but kmeltzer was right. I really want a 650. :) And thanks for the suggestion to wait until Black Friday. I just saw a flyer from Best Buy and the 650 will be on sale for $39.99.


This remote does have the ability to start watching Cable with "one touch". I use this in my home now and you can use one button to (for example) turn on the TV, Cable/Satellite box, and the sound system. The same goes for turning each one off. I think the big difference is that this one won't change the TV inputs for you, but for my setup where we are almost always using the TV to watch Cable TV shows we don't need to worry about changing the input.

As a side note, though, I too am planning on buying the 650 on Black Friday, but it's not because I need it. It's just because I want it.