dealsmaxboost samsung galaxy s4 i9500 cases, batteries…


uhhh, so I just ordered the batteries and a case and it says estimated delivery between June 4th and June 19th? If that's the case I'm going to cancel the order. I'll leave it be for the day to see if I hear back from someone but if that really is the esimated delivery date that's ridiculous. Not only is it over a month away but the given the time frame it could arrive is bigger than 2 weeks. No thank you.


please let me know what they say, i would really like to order the cases and battery also but if its coming at june for everyone thats pointless!


Maxboost makes decent products...for that price, it is definitely worth the little wait. I just ordered mine and it said delivery will be during the week of May-14-22. I'm in for battery, the Shell holster, and the maxboost pro.

Thanks for the share!


Note that the battery deal states "No NFC". If you're planning on using the NFC capabilities of your phone, don't take the bait. You've been warned.


What a great deal. I just ordered the case and the estimated delivery is May 7- May 10.


It's also worth noting that the capacity for the batteries are 300mAh less than the stock battery for the S4.


So I have checked the order status via Amazon today and it says this " We've started preparing your shipment for delivery and it should leave our facility in the next few hours to a few days. We'll send you an e-mail once your order has shipped." So that sounds pretty good, but the estimated delivery date still is in June. A little confusing but hopefully the estimated delivery time is a mistake.