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Without a game like Pictionary (sold separately), this device and the "game" that comes packaged with it are pretty worthless. It's kind of like MS Paint for your TV. Picked up one for cheap for Christmas, and it's hardly been used.


@tcanning I disagree I downloaded the drivers for mine to work on PC and it's pretty awesome.


Well, I bought one. I had a $5 RewardZone certificate that was about to expire on me, so it ended up costing me just $1.09, and the Best Buy is on my way home.

Probably still wouldn't have bought it, but after hearing from @tcanning that there are PC drivers out there, I figured it was worth exploring for a buck.


I ordered a week ago and just got an email stating it was on backorder and would be canceled Feb 1 if they couldn't fill the order :(


@neohemp: Maybe I'll give that a shot. Thanks


Was about to post that we got this for the kids at Christmas for $10 and it is now a doorstop, but the PC drivers idea is intriguing. I'll look into it. Thanks for the info.


@velledriver: Same thing happened to me, but I called customer service and got them to have a store that had a bunch ship one to my local Best Buy (as there wasn't one available anywhere locally). I told them that their system should have known that they didn't have enough to ship when I placed the order and that they should certainly know that they aren't going to get anymore in stock as the product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. I also gave them a recent personal example of the right way to do business in a situation like this. YMMV.


Read the reviews at Best Buy. Looks like a 15 minute game that will sit on the shelf. Im going to pass, even though its cheap.


I just saw this on G4's Worst Accessories Ever List.


Hey look! Its THQ downfall...


@jashobeam: It's like owning a piece of history. I like to collect products that brought down companies.


Took a look into the PC drivers, thinking it might be a cheap way to get a tablet for drawing in photoshop, etc.

This might be important for those looking to purchase it for that particular reason:

"Will you ever add Photoshop pressure sensitivity to it?
No. Photoshop looks for actual USB tablet devices, which this is not. This is just some code to communicate with the tablet and/or 360 receiver directly. There is no way to provide pressure sensitivity in Windows without the device actually showing up as a tablet instead of a custom device. It's either impossible or extremely difficult (I haven't decided yet) to create a virtual USB device and allow this functionality; I'm not going to work on it. "

I don't know if there are other driver out there. Still might be an interesting grab.


This review sums it up on the wii version =

and the followup of the HD versions =

For this price it might be worth looking at for the pc though.


It's a cool little tablet if you have a youngster. If you pick up the Marvel Super Hero Squad game for it, that's a fun little game and really showed the potential of the device. For this price it's a no brainer if only for the easy ass achievements from the paint game.


I actually bought both PS3 and 360 versions last week when they were $7. The PS3 version comes with a USB dongle and works with the PC in the quickest, most straightforward fashion. Nice wireless novelty tablet.

I got the 360 version because I recently built a custom arcade stick for another console, and this possibly gets me a very cheap wireless 360 controller to pad-hack into it as well... haven't opened that one yet to see if there's solder points for shoulder buttons yet though.