dealsneogeo x gold lmted handheld video game consoleā€¦


Website says Store Pickup not available and Sold Out Online.


The console attachment is just a plastic shell for the handheld unit. The reviews for the machine as a whole are poor--16:9 screen for games that were 4:3 is the biggest caveat.


Here is a rather entertaining review from Ashens:

Yeah, skip this.


@magicwuff: actually one of the reviews says " the handheld gives you the option to play stretch screen or original letter box format" so I think it does a pretty good job for the price.


When I first saw this product I thought it was a joke. Can someone please explain to me the appeal? (besides maybe nostalgia?)


Besides nostalgia? That's like saying can someone please explain to me the appeal of oxygen, besides for life?


I was really excited about this, but all I read is that it's junk.

This is a summary of what multiple reviews state: The controls are super-loud-clicky analog only. The TV output is awful - even compared to the original AES. The games are emulated.. poorly. The sound and timing are way off. The included list of games are all B and C-list games. The hand-held doesn't charge while in the dock and being played. The controller is proprietary, not backwards compatible, and you can't use an original NeoGeo controller. The hand-held screen easily smudges and is uncomfortable to hold.

All of that leads me to believe you're all about a hand-held, you'd be better off getting a PSP, hacking it, and using an emulator. You'll get a better screen, better controls, and better emulation (play and sound). You could also get a Gamepark or many other linux-based handhelds also. If you want to play these on your TV, you'd be better off getting one of the dozens of console compilations.


@necrom23: add to that the reviews I read that indicate you only get 3 or 5 continues per game with no way to add "credits". When you're out of continues, you start over from square one. Also, apparently there is NO game save state. Got far in your game and still have 5 continues left, but battery running low, or the wife and kids beckon . . To bad for you. What a POS.