dealshealthy origins, vitamin d3, 5,000 iu, 360…


Orders over 20 bucks ship free! :)


Great deal for first time customers.


@prosumer: Yes I like it that it just takes $20 for orders to ship for free in the US48. It takes between 2-8 days. This is the second time frame offered for ground shipping, the first being 1-3 days, and you need a $40 order to have that for free. Shipping for orders less than these amounts is flat $6.00.

What is even amazing to me is that next day UPS economy is offered for a flat fee of $8.00 where available.

Orders are shipped from California, so the further west you are the sooner it arrives.


Heads up, that purchases $60 or more get an added 5 percent discount in the shopping cart.