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If you buy this from DailySteals, expect at least a 3 week waiting time. They advertise things they don't have in stock yet. First they see how many people order, then order it to minimize loss. They get the profit, and we get shafted. Why else would it take three weeks to ship within the same state of New York?


@kevintsai1989: Okay, I get it. You had a bad experience with DailySteals. That's all you seem to comment on and it's all negative. Apparently you've had nothing good to say about any other deals, you haven't added any deals, and you haven't even voted for any deals, up or down. Enough is enough, I got it. Now move on and be constructive.


@akaflavor: not "a" bad experience. MULTIPLE bad experiences. If you don't need these friendly warnings, then move on and be "constructive" somewhere else.


I also personally have had to wait longer than usual from them, too. But, for the price, it is still well worth it. 3 weeks is the maximum time I have had to wait, same as with orders from Woot sometimes. The one time I got tired of waiting I contacted Dailysteals, and they took care of me. It's why even after feeling burned, the great customer service in making me happy is why I still post their deals when they are worth it.


@sadsephiroth: I thought about adding this too.. then I thought "No.. this thing is for kids, anybody at DW would probably crush this thing if they tried to use it" heh..

But this is a legit WiiFit board <- Check that out (anybody interested in this)
It's like a QVC video of some guy using it.


If you're on the fence... get it, and if you end up not wanting it:
"Get up to a $20.15 Amazon gift card"


I am in for one. Daily Steals always gets me my order. Sure, they aren't the place to buy from if you need it by a certain date. But there are places that are even slower on shipping. I am in no hurry for this, but I know my 4 year old daughter will love it. She watches Dora and plays other Dora games as well as the regular Wii Fit games. A kids version is perfect, and from what I can see the board is the same as the adult one just more colorful.


Ahhhhh- my young kids love this game and it really does get them huffing and panting. We don't have the balance board- just the wiimote that cost $20 alone.

If you've got kids that love Nick Jr. This is really worth it. Don't expect to get away though- kids will need some help navigating menus.


In a world where instant gratification reigns, its tough to wait 3 weeks for an impulse purchase.... Of course then again, its because you shouldn't have bought it in the first place and you're kicking yourself for three weeks til it comes.

of course then again it is dishonest of them to take their time if they don't state in the first place how long it can take to ship...

oh wait.


The board gets mixed reviews at Amazon, but the game itself gets awesome reviews. I think I'll get this for a Christmas present.


I've bought quite a few things from them and the longest I've waited is a week and a half, I wait just as long for things ordered from woot, have not had any problems with them at all.


I just bought two. For the price it make a great Christmas present for kids. And if the board has issues the game has great reveiws. It is my first purchase from Dailysteals and hope it won't be my last.


haha. I came over to add this. I was originally being indecisive on buying it because I have already spent too much money this week. But I have wanted a wii fit board for sooooo long and you hardly ever even see them used for under 60 bucks. So then I decided to buy 2 and and sell the second one to pay for the first, hehe. I ordered my jawbone headset from them a while back, and it is the only bluetooth I have ever had a conversation on (whether it was me or the other the person on the other end wearing it) where nobody sounded like they were walking down a wind tunnel. It may have taken a little while to get it, I don't recall exactly how long. But..come on! Those that are complaining about having to wait a couple of weeks to get there stuff-- Don't order things you need immediately off of a DOD site! That's just poor planning. If I order something off of one of these places, it's something I've wanted for a while but decided that I couldn't spend on until it was sudddenly 80% off.


I ordered one. I've always read the negative reviews on Woot! about Daily Steals but I've nver had a problem when I order from them. I think this will be my fourth or fifth Daily Steals order.


So, I went in for one, I think. Had not ordered before, but great deal. 4 year old in same spot. Loves the Nick Jr, characters, and loves the Wii fit stuff. When I placed my order, the page hung! :( I will have to kill it and see if I got one. Don't want to get charged twice. Oh, well, +1 to my experience for the item and the deal, -1 for the hang!


Delivered to my house today. 13 day wait. Not too bad.