dealsbogo 50% site wide


love their stuff but the shipping is always way too expensive.


@sthiede: ^This times 100 (which is how many dollars shipping tends to be)


I just ordered $40 worth of stuff and paid $8 shipping. Yes it's 20%, but I don't feel too sore. I checked on Amazon for what I bought, and it was way more than $48 for all of it there. Star Wars geek stuff for the hubs always comes at a price.


BOGO means "Buy One, Get One" (as in FREE). "Buy One, Get One Half Off" should be BOGOHO (it's even catchy). Otherwise some shady companies could define BOGO as "Buy One, Get One 1% Off".

At least this does say BOGO 50% (Buy One, Get One for 50%). Other retailers misuse BOGO, though.