deals$20 free from serve (american express' digital…



I signed up and am checking it out. I couldn't get the $10 trivia question to work though. It asks a question, but gives over 12 hours to answer and wants you to tweet the answer.


The trivia question link above is to enter a drawing for $1000. The question for the $10 is here:


Yeah trivia question is a sweepstakes entry it looks like.


@mortar235: Yes I gave the wrong link. Once you answer the trivia question it then gives you a chance to enter a $1000 weekly giveaway. The url's are similar and I accidentally copy and pasted that one. Just follow @aerun62 's link for the correct one.

Maybe a mod can change the OP?


Looks like if you fund it using a bank account, everything is free:

Signing up for Serve is free. FREE? Yep, free. In fact, with Serve all of these features are free:

Person-to-person money transfers are free
Transfers to and from subaccounts are free
Purchasing online and in stores with the Serve card is free
There are no load fees for funding your account via your checking account
The first ATM withdrawal each month is free; after that it’s $2.00*
So what isn't free?
After January 1, 2012, there will be fees for:

Funding your Serve account with a credit card (2.9% of the amount transferred + $0.30 per transfer)
Getting cash from an ATM (first withdrawal per month is FREE*; after that, it’s $2.00)


Thanks! Signed up, did the trivia and got $20. Now here's hoping I can actually use it...


I've signed up and haven't gotten anything yet, is there something else I need to do?

They're telling me I my account's being reviewed..


I didn't get the $10 either. What gives?


Okay, for anyone else who hasn't received their bonus on the account yet, it's possible there was a problem with either the last four of your SS or something to do with an address.

I found a phone number and called it. Yes, they actually (at least for now) have real live people on the other end of the phone. The guy at customer service asked me for my last four and it didn't match up with what they had on file.
You can't fix that on the website so you have to call during regular business hours to make that change.


Got mine and proceeded to try and recruit several friends. They're not getting their $10 despite it saying so. What gives =o


My 10 bucks came yesterday. It asked me to sign in and "accept it."

The email address it came from was




Okay - this is about the most effed up thing I've ever heard of.

I spoke with what they call customer service today and no way, no how will they allow me to correct the error of the last four of my SS without sending them a W2 form OR a pay stub OR a copy of my freakin' SS card.

Oh, and a bill verifying where I live. Are you kidding me?


@shelaghc: Sucks for you :/
I got my $20 but they're doing similar to my GF. She needs a state ID and a bill proving she lives here.


Is this offer still alive?