dealstivo tcd750500 premiere 4 dvr & tivo stream…


I had a Premier with lower specs, but it was good. In order to get a better price from my cable company I had to get their box which rendered TiVo not usable without the cable card, etc. My TiVo contract was up so it didn't matter as far as cost went.

At the time I didn't have time to figure out how to make the cable card work so I called TIVo to end the service. Of course they offered me several deals to stay, such as postponing billing until a couple months out. I didn't want the lifetime deal.

I was ready to take it, but then the rep told me I could not get annual billing-just monthly. There was no choice-monthly billing or nothing. I get dinged every month for everything from a 99 cent Kindle subscription to electricity. I did not want another expense to track monthly-an expense I debated the need for anyway.

So, I'm no longer a TiVo customer and my Premier is in the original box gathering dust in a closet.

All that to say, they refuse to offer an annual plan anymore. Boo TiVo.


Too bad they dropped the annual option, I would have probably opted for that if they hadn't had the lifetime option, which I did. No more fees EVER(well I guess unless you include any parts that may go bad in the future such as the HDD etc.).
Going on 5 years without a hitch, I'm counting my blessings :)


The yearly is grandfathered for those who still have it. This was the way to go IF you planned on changing units every couple of years. I have lifetime on my units. They actually pay for themselves if you decided to upgrade along the way. I've sold 3 year old lifetime units on auction sites for $300-$400, no questions asked.I do feel bad for those who have to pay monthly though. Lifetime seriously is the way to go.


@jjeff: Just a word of caution on TiVo's "lifetime" payment: unless they've changed their terms in the last couple of years, it's good only for the lifetime of the TiVo box you're using. If your box dies, so does your lifetime payment.



"Digital cable TV or Verizon FiOS® connection (does not support satellite, AT&T U-verse, antenna or analog cable)"

This means no viewing or recording of over-the-air broadcasts. probably not a big deal for most people, but previous TiVo Premiere models had OTA tuners.


I've had a TIVO for years. The thing that bugs me with the current ones is that you have to have a TiVo for every TV. They really need a little apple-tv like box that allows you to have one TiVo and stream to other TV's in the house. The streamer only streams to mobile devices. :(


@magic cave: Correct, it is for the lifetime of the unit. 99% of the time, the hard drive dies, which can be easily be replaced, and then you have a working lifetime unit again.


Lifetime service is one of the best deals in this space. Logon to ebay and look up the prices of TiVos w/lifetime and those w/o lifetime. Basically, instead of renting your TiVo, you put some money into it and it has value on the resale market. In other words, some of the lifetime subscription is paid back when you go to sell the TiVo. If you go with a monthly subscription, all of that subscription money is just gone if you ever try to sell your TiVo.

If you're going to buy a TiVo, go the lifetime route. It's really a fantastic deal.

Full disclosure: I own two TiVos, both with lifetime. Yeah, I'm kinda a fanboy.


@nyy4life: YAY! Good to know. We have three TiVo's and have never had one die, but I've upgraded each of them once or twice.

I honestly don't think I could watch TV without TiVo.