dealsthe game of thrones boxed set (books 1-4) for $19…


So I'd been waiting to read this series for some time, and with all the recent hype I thought I'd better start before I get something spoiled for me, however now I'm worried, because George RR Martin likes to take his time between books. As a devoted nerd and Robert Jordan fan I know the feeling of loss when a writer passes before finishing a series. I hope the same thing doesn't happen here.


@gideonfrost: Robert Jordan? that's a name i haven't heard in a long time. used to read the wheel of time series back in high school. i got as far as fires of heaven and then lost interest for some reason. maybe it's worth going back and continuing?


@carl669: He passed away with 3 books left in the series and Brandon Sanderson took over the series with notes from RJ. They are good still but there's an undeniable difference in the writing styles. The last chapter of the last book is supposed to be actually written by RJ, and it comes out January 2013. I feel like it's worth the read. It's one of my favorite series.


For those who have to have things "now" and have an Amazon Prime membership, this set is Amazon Prime-able for $20.49. if you're looking for a book to read right away, it's probably worth the $.52.


from what i heard about this particular box set, there is a lot of misprinted typos, errors, double pages, etc. It's just generally bad crafted.

Seeing that this is merely hearsay, can anybody confirm or deny these troubles?


These are awesome reads (for the most part) and even though they are all a ton of pages, it goes quickly. Too quickly in fact because once you are through with the published books you will have a long long wait for the next installment (which should be awesome and worth the wait since the most recent held back on most of the action).

They are still worth getting into even with the assumed long wait for the next book. Hopefully with the success of the HBO series (which is also awesome...preaching to the choir?) will help motivate him to work faster on the next book. Though the opposite may also happen...spending too much time/energy on the TV show and not enough time writing the next book lol.

But even if you finish the current books there are also some great short stories (Dunk and Egg) that are related and fun reads to keep you busy.

Had some of my most fun reading ever with this series and it helped get me back into reading again.


@carl669: Robert Jordan died with 2 books unfinished, he has the notes and pre-planning all typed up for the final book and over 3/4 of the 2nd to last book completed when he passed. The series is still a very good read, and while the portions not written by Jordan are good, they are not him. You can tell minor things that you notice but in all a very good author. If you like Mr Jordan try Jim Butcher they write a very different style but both are very entertaining.