dealsfree 8x10 custom canvas, just pay for shipping or…


Seen this deal here quite a few times. Anyone done it? Comments?


How nice, deal is good thru 5/ is now 5/14


it depends on the quality of your image. ONLY do this is you have a really good "high resolution" digital picture. I had to fight with them when I had this done. They turned all the grays, green and stated they did their work.. umm.. NO!.. After several e-mails they stated they would re-do with another photo. That one came out nice could have been better though.


Yes, shipping is $15. Don't whine about it


Shipping is $14.95 which is kinda high for an 8X10...I guess the canvas print is free, but they are 50% off right now at Walgreens. I wonder how that stacks up against the shipping.


Apparently it is 30% off at Walgreens, but comparably priced at about $20 after discount. And there is same day pick up. The editor at the canvas place is super difficult to deal with too.


I have had a number of prints done on this site and they all look great! (Using canon T2i) Great clarity, quality, and turnaround. I placed an order and within 5 days received it! (Wasnt expecting it before mothers day) Price is decent, and there are also good deals on their larger prints that look great as well. Personally, the prints at walgreens may not turn out as nicely imo. (less experienced staff, unknown quality, price) I work part time in the photo lab at walgreens and we have not sold a single canvas print, (which is why they are on sale) and have no idea how to do it!


Check out if you want a good deal on canvas.


@tsfisch: i've ordered two different canvases from these guys and i'm happy with them!


Ordered a few canvases. Always turn out much better than expected.