dealspowerplay 18-in-1 multi tool by sog for $17.99


...not sure how these moofi deals keep coming up. nonetheless, this is a good deal and sog is a very good knife maker. in for one.


@camleish: as in, what is moofi? or why they get popular? or...?

In case you don't know, moofi is a place for Woot! to list "extra" deals. There's no good way for you to find the moofi deals unless they get listed here by the Woot! gods. (note the badge after the poster's name - they're a "Woot! god" :)

moofi deals tend to be at least as good as your standard Woot deal, if not better, IMNSHO.

Plus, SOGs are good stuff. Great quality, useful products.


Great price on the tool but beware, the individual tools do not lock.
If you're not a power user, it is a GREAT deal.
If you're going to beat the heck out of it, wait for one of the EOD SOG tools that show up every once in a while.


I looked this up on Amazon for a price comparison awhile back (woot-off I think)

If I remember right, there're two versions of PT-510 - one of 'em is like twice the price of the other and has more tools. Can't remember the details, just thought it's worth mentioning heh.. pretty sure this is the $35 one though.

It'sa good deal either way though


I own one bought it on last woot off for $25 total including shipping. It does not say "SOG" on it, which is confusing. I believe its a well made tool, but here is my problem.

It comes with the two screwdrivers, a knives, a file but not much stuff. It is like they left out a lot. It is just meant for cutting wire and electrical work. I forgot the little wire stripper is cool.

But I am not complaining. But when I bought this it was advertised as a self opening multi-tool. Which I assume was like a self opening knife.

I also think it said the pliers which use compound leverage would lock in place which they don't.

They say "Paladin" on the side.


@camleish: What taters said there. Basically, Moofi is the go-to site when Woot has some things they want to sell that don't fit certain criteria.

Usually it means they don't have enough for the main Woot site to give it proper attention OR they have too many, and will actually sell over the course of a day or so.


Don't be fooled! I bought one of these thinking it was was not. While it may have an SOG knife blade as one of its tools and the mechanism is SOG-like, it is not of the same quality as SOG.


These are designed/manufactured by SOG for Paladin.
That said, these do make compromises.
The 510 is their lowest-end telecom-oriented multitool. Good if you run a wire crew and want to hand out throwaway pocket-tools for quick repairs in case one of your guys doesn't want to go grab their punch tool or shears for a one-off. Bad for single-use for a large jobsite, or your own personal use.
For that, go with the mid or top-tier; top includes a pair of shears (what I use for stripping cat5e.. less finger-slash risk than a blade, less stupid than a devoted stripping tool) as well as a 66-punch/cut in case you're doing a data/telecom site.

The built-in 110 bit has saved me more than once, quickly redoing a soft-punch on a crappy Leviton jack. The fold-in pliers are awesome for tight spaces (loosening up wire management wedged behind a rack), as they work fully open or 'nutcracker' style. They're definitely usable for punching/cutting holes for new MPLS mud-ring drops.


I bought 2 of these from Woot a last month and I am very disappointed. I still think they sent me the wrong tools. They are not BAD, but they are not at all what I expected.

So - KNOW what you are getting if you order this. This is a great multitool for the price, IF you need a multitool for telecom, wiring, & electrical work, this is nice.

You can see it here: This is NOT the same as the photo of this one: Amazon says that is a PT-510, but the photo is of a PT-525.

So - know what you're getting

If you want a multitool for multitool stuff - typical swiss army knife/leatherman multitool stuff - like this - - THIS Moofi is NOT the multitool for you. Know what you're getting.


Paladin PowerPlay and SOG partnership. Cool media.

Move cursor over tool area it highlights

This Paladin 18n1 looks entry level but still has the same Compound Leverage system that's become a SOG patented trademark for folding tools. It's similar to the 13n1 s44 & s45.

Change out the multi-tool components here

I bought the 24n1 and got different components at SOG. Good price for this tool.

I have not had good luck w/ Leatherman or Gerber multitools...


BEWARE: I bought this(at $35) and it was a piece of junk. Warranty sent me a new one(after 4 calls) and it sucks too. I finally decided on a Gerber and it cost 45 bucks but well worth it to me. If this is just going to sit in your junk drawer, it'll be ok, but if you plan on using more than once a month, spend a little more and get a Gerber.