dealssix flags one-day adult ticket | 250 my cokeā€¦


Looks like I need to go to McDonalds a little bit more to get some free coke rewards points!


@joshobra: I've only received one 40 MCR points out of maybe 30 online entry codes. There aren't a whole lot of online winning pieces this year.


@omnichad: I just won an instant 40 points when I peeled it from a large fries last night.

Also have another 80 from past entry codes which was like around three days worth of eating McDonalds for lunch.


Anyone know if they have a gang-free day at Magic Mountain?


Now that it's snowing, sure...why not offer a ticket for the 2012 season. Sheesh!


@pigtool: That's right, snowing where you're at but 80+ in Dallas. Again.


Just moved about 15 minutes away from Six Flags for work. If I wasn't working 7 days a week, I'd probably jump on this. Haven't been in years.


Whoops! Sorry but this was either really popular or like all good things... has come to an end. Click below to check out the latest ways to spend your points.
guess its no good anymore


@ratmotor: Thank you, that gave me a good chuckle.