dealsbond 50: the complete 22 film collection [blu-ray…


$129.99 ain't bad. It was on sale for $99.99 during the Thanksgiving holidays though.


@slowsteve: i didnt think that the blu-ray version saw sub $100 ever. I know that the DVD boxset definitely did (I own and confirm at the sub $100 price). The blu-ray was always (or what seemed to be) at least $30 or higher. I tried keeping tabs on the boxset from a couple different websites because I'm a big fan of bond myself. But like I said, I didn't think the blu-ray ever got that cheap.


Amazon did have this set for $99 back in December for a Gold Box quick sale and it sold out fast. It may get that low again, but you'll have to keep waiting. Maybe next December?


"Complete" except for Skyfall. Wait until that's out on DVD and this'll drop in price to clearance levels...