dealsvizio xwr100 wireless-n dual band hd router for…


Does anyone have any experience with one of these routers?


I have one of these, and it's adequate. It does run fast and is great for streaming netflix and hulu.

Easy Setup
Dual Band
USB attached hard drive for videos and pictures

power cycle at least once a week sometimes every other day
USB hard drive is not accessible directly through Win7 network
USB hard drive is not accessible directly through the web browser

I bought this router because of the USB attached storage capabilities, however that has not worked out as described and now I have removed the hard drive from the router and attached it back to a HTPC and use tversity to access it on other devices. The router does recognize the hard drive and all the videos and pictures and does stream it to my PS3, but I cannot access the hd to add more content to it remotely. I have to physically detach it from the router, attach it to my computer, add or delete files, and then reattach it to the router. It's a pain and not what I signed up for.


@skuzzpuppe: you're absolutely correct. except for the power cycling, might be yours is defective.
it's great for streaming video. I set it up with 2 roku's, a wd media player, and a few laptops. It was way better preformance than cisco we had (low end).
The HDD is read only when connected to the router.