dealsbrunton gerber survival combo for $34.93


I'd be careful with the Paraframes... I have one, and ran into a little issue with the blade lock not securing itself. Two stitches and a scar later I'm not recommending that model of knife anymore.

But it does hold a great edge! Barely felt it slice in.


I have this knife, except mine is half serrated and in black. It's been my daily carry knife for about two years. It's a good, sturdy, lightweight, basic knife. Also the skeleton design allows it to be easily lashed to a stick to be used as a spear in a survival situation.


Second the opinions on the Brunton and the Gerber. Top quality items, definitely a must-have if you like trying to get yourself lost.


I have this paraframe knife, it works very well as a simple, everyday utility knife.


Second the emotion on a Brunton compass; they're good stuff, and if I were to buy one it would be a Brunton.


In typical REI fashion, they charge WAY too much at their normal prices. I usually leave their stores in disbelief at the attitude and high prices there.
The knife is decent, I have one and like it. You can also get it at Target.
The compass is ok at best. If you plan to use a compass, get a better one.
This is a mediocre deal at best- this is about what you'd pay for this stuff anywhere else. Not a great deal.


don't know about the striker and compass but i already have the knife - VERY good steel, holds an edge through alot of abuse and still sharp enough to slice into my thumb when i was checking edge...


so yeah fairly good deal.


@messier104: And Gerber makes fairly nice knives - although this one is obviously bare essentials/bare bones


Brunton's compasses are always top-notch. I've used this one in orienteering, it does allow for declination changes (unlike many similarly small compasses).